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  • Dr. Dwight E. Slater

    Dr. Dwight E. Slater

    Dwight Slater is the Executive Director and Founding Facilitator (along with his wife Deborah Slater) of Compassion Evangelical Hospital (CEH). Dwight is also an emergency room physician and consultant at Scheurer Hospital in Pigeon, Michigan.

    Dwight received his BA in Chemistry from Hope College, MI, in 1976, his MD from Wayne State School of Medicine, MI, in 1980. He accomplished his Family Practice Residency from Overlook Hospital and Columbia University, New Jersey, in 1983. Dwight and Debbie earned their Biblical Certificates from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois, in 1985, and then both completed certificates in French language studies in Albertville, France, and finally his Diploma of Tropical Medicine from Marsailles, France, in 1987. Dwight and Debbie speak French fluently and communicate some in Jula, a trade language of West Africa.

    Dwight and Debbie served for 17 years in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa under CB International at the Baptist Mission Hospital (BMH) in Ferkessedougou which his parents helped found in 1961. Dwight served as a family practice doctor and learned the full scope of surgical skills as he practiced alongside experienced physicians at the BMH and then started a training program for African doctors in these same areas. He served as Hospital Director for most of the years from 1992 through 2001 and then trained nationals to lead in most of his positions as the BMH transitioned to African leadership. Both Dwight and Debbie served on numerous mission committees with CB International.

    In 2004, Dwight and Debbie together with Dr. Kenneth Hall and Rev. Norman Moran led in the creation of the CEH Board in Michigan and scouted out the location for the placement of CEH in Guinea. Dwight's current role is to keep the vision of CEH before our partner churches and individuals to fuel their prayers, to recruit personnel for CEH and to discover financial resources to advance the work of CEH. He generally travels to Guinea twice a year to facilitate the work on the field. Debbie leads in the personnel committee to approve missionary candidates, facilitate their development and language acquisition to serve God well as missionaries in Guinea.

    Dwight and Debbie attend Highland Park Baptist Church in Southfield, Michigan. They have two adult married sons Dwight and Laurin Slater and Stephen and Bethany Slater, and two daughters, Dara and Veronica who live at home.

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