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MONTHLY UPDATE - March 1, 2010

Dear Friends and Partners in the work of CEH,

God has bestowed His rich blessing on CEH as we concluded 2009 and began 2010. In everything we praise Him. The total number of patients consulted last year came to 17,569. Each of these was cared for with compassion to the best of our ability in Christ's name, and His gospel was shared with each of them. Most of these were accompanied to the clinic by at least one family member so we estimate that last year over 35,000 people heard the gospel through the CEH ministry. Praise God. Etienne Ouattara, the Hospital Director, concluded his annual report to the Board stating, "We thank God for all that He allowed us to accomplish in 2009. The African staff of CEH has continued to grow and work in a good ambiance of being the children of God which has allowed us to overcome difficult moments. We wish to thank all those who have spent time in prayer, and given of their money and material belongings for CEH: may they be abundantly blessed with the peace and love of God who is over all. All of the Administration Committee of CEH greets you in the precious name of Christ!"

Finance and Facility updates

In 2009 the hospital generated $89,879 and U.S. donations for construction projects and operational expenses totaled $101,700. In addition, $28,000 worth of pharmaceutical products from IDA in Europe were purchased. Upon the arrival of the shipment, the staff eagerly restocked the shelves with the much needed medicine.

Construction of the wards and nursing station is completed and in use, although not yet fully furnished or fully staffed. Pray for these residual needs.

We have literally run the wheels off of our initial administrative car at CEH, the chassis's cracks have been welded to the limit and the transmission has been repaired several times. We are now leasing a private car until it can be replaced. This is an essential vehicle for the work. Pray for wisdom as we consider the alternatives.

On January 30th, ARC voted to fund the planned surgical building for $150,000; construction will begin very soon. Electrical and plumbing teams from the U.S. will participate in the construction during the summer and we anticipate using the surgical building to serve the people of Guinea in the fall. Lord willing three other projects: the ER/X-ray, Ward C, and a morgue will be started this year. Patrick Davitt, Project Manager from Mayo Clinic, and member of ARC came to Detroit, February 21-23, to consult us on coordinating these construction projects effectively. His ongoing help and giftedness will be a tremendous asset to the work.

In March we will work hard in the Detroit area to prepare container #9 with the long anticipated CAT for assisting in the construction work, more electrical equipment for the central infrastructure and, Lord 
willing, medical supplies and some final furnishings for the Guest House. The ARC container #10 from Minnesota will follow shortly with the final ten beds for the current wards and electrical and plumbing equipment for the 
construction of the surgery and its furnishings.

The John Slater Memorial Fund

On February 3, 2010 God called Dr. John Slater, home to heaven. He was my only paternal uncle. John was a man of God, loving husband, father and grandfather. He was also the cofounder with Dwight M. Slater and their wives of the Baptist Mission Hospital at Ferke, Cote d'Ivoire. CEH used this hospital as the key model for the work in Mamou, Guinea. John's heart was dedicated to missionary medicine and to Africa. His medical specialty was OB-GYN. His prayers helped get CEH started and his counsel has been valuable at each step.

John and his family honored us with their request that memorial gifts be designated to CEH. The gifts received from this memorial fund will be used to build Ward C serving primarily OB-GYN patients.

When Ward C is completed, we are confident that hundreds of women will receive care during labor 
and delivery each year. In addition, many gynecologic surgeries which are currently unavailable in the country will soon be available to our patients. We are grateful for God's provision of the trained medical staff already in place caring for the special medical needs of women. Dr. Jean Paul, current Chief of Staff, is trained in OB-GYN. Dr. Robert Stanhope, Chief of OB-GYN at Mayo Clinic and a member of the CEH Board, has already taken one trip to Guinea. His plans include additional trips to continue to train our Guinean team. Pray with us that God will provide the funding ($48,000) to complete this ward for His service.

MIAPE missionary connection

Lacina Coulibaly is one of our MIAPE missionaries in Mamou. I met him in 1996 when I was preaching in the village church of Pissankaha, a church plant of John and Dad Slater. Most of the congregation was poor but I noticed one young man who was well dressed and wore new shoes. I asked the pastor about him and was told, "His name is Lacina. He was saved from a pagan family several years ago and is now serving as secretary of the church. The reason that he is well dressed is that he is the only one who tithes, so God blesses him."

Having shown himself faithful in little things, I believed he could also be faithful in greater things. Several years later when an opportunity came up to admit a new class of students to our school of nursing, I asked him to become a surgical tech student. He did well in the class and learned the skills of basic surgery, some anesthesia administration, and the preparation of surgical instruments.

When he heard that we would be starting a new hospital in Guinea, he asked to join us as a missionary. His church of Pissankaha commissioned Lacina and his wife, Martine, as their first missionaries, some of the very first from CDI to any other nation. Lacina does very well the scope of the tasks for which he was trained and now takes care of the chronic wound patients. He learns the personal needs of his patients and shares these as prayer requests with the staff. He debrides their wounds and does pinch grafts to heal wounds that have festered for as many as 40 years. Not surprisingly, God has healed many. He has been the pivot of the hospital reputation for quality care so that patients are coming not only from all of Guinea but also from Senegal to the north and Sierra Leone to the south. Lacina proved himself trustworthy so he also supervises our stock of medical supplies and even our pharmacy inventory.

MIAPE is our partner mission developed within CDI to send their own missionaries as tentmakers to surrounding lands. They have now sent us five couples. Lacina and Martine serve under MIAPE for less than $300 per month. If you would like to regularly support any of these as African missionaries through MIAPE this 
partnership is welcome.

2010 is well underway and God has shown His continued blessing on the ministry of CEH. He was 
laying the foundation many years ago with the faithful missionary work of Dad, Uncle John and many others in the hospital and church planting ministries in Africa. Our staff and patients are reaping the benefits of the labors of many. The baton is continually being passed and we must do the work He has given us to do. May the Lord bless each of you.

Thank you for your faithful prayers,


Dwight E. Slater, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Compassion Evangelical Hospital, P.O. Box 870, Southfield, MI 48037