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YEAR-END UPDATE - December 31, 2009

Dear Friends and Partners in the Lord's Work,

The close of another year brings many thoughts, feelings and emotions for each of us. We look eagerly to the new year before us and take time to thank God for His hand in our lives bringing us to today. As we refl ect on the past and anticipate all that God has for us in the coming year may we be filled with encouragement from the Holy Spirit to launch us further in His service both individually and in the work at Compassion Evangelical Hospital.

In Luke Chapter 10 we read that Jesus was fi lled with joy when the disciples returned from the towns He sent them to. They joyfully reported all that God was doing through them in these towns where Jesus was later to visit. Today my heart leaps for joy as I recount the work that God graciously allowed us to be part of. The memories of my two visits to Guinea this year and the weekly phone conversations with the staff at the hospital remind me constantly of the amazing things that God is doing there.

Remembering God's Grace on Compassion Evangelical Hospital . . .

As I look back and consider the way God has guided us, I am grateful for the timeline of events that brought us to this place today. In the summer of 2004 Debbie, Dara, Veronica and I went out to Guinea to see if God really wanted us to lead in creating a hospital in that very needy land. We shared the vision of creating a hospital with this purpose: "To give the best medical and surgical care possible, according to the means that God provides, and to share the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes." The nation and the Christians in that country were enthusiastic about this purpose. God affi rmed in our hearts and in those of our friends that this was God's will. Many applied themselves energetically to the project and God brought it into being. Praise Him!

By April of 2005 property was purchased as the site for Compassion Evangelical Hospital. This was a seven step process with some hitches along the way. Our total cost was about $18,000 for the 75 acre site that the Lord gave us through the government of Guinea. It is ideally located on the #1 Highway only seven miles from the crossroads of the transportation hub of the nation. Patients from all over the country have easy access to our care. We are continually thankful for the strategic location of this property. An elderly peasant who used to be the primary user of the pasture land told me this year, "This land used to be called ‘Bowal Won' which means worthless land (because the hard rock under the top soil made it impossible to farm) but it is no longer worthless. You may name it what ever you want. Thank you for this hospital that serves us so well."

On Thanksgiving Day, 2007, the Lord allowed Etienne Quattara, our Hospital Director, to receive the definitive deed for the property. The plans for the site were drawn up and we have now completed 13 buildings: the Clinic-Lab-Pharmacy, the garage, three electrical buildings, a well, the water tower, guest house, nursing station, and two wards. Three other smaller buildings have also been started. The value invested in these buildings total $525,000. We have been able to send eight containers of equipment and medical supplies and furnishings to start up the hospital and we are now working on two more containers as well as three major shipments of medications from Europe. The value of those inventories is just over $500,000. We again praise God for all this! Just over $1,000,000 in the space of fi ve years, as a testimony to His name, in a land that hardly knew of Him. God has provided through His people for all that has been and will be done. Praise Him!

When I visited in November of 2009 I sat with offi cials in six government offices and every one of them praised the hospital for what it is doing, stating the reputation of the hospital had begun to reach to the surrounding countries as a hospital that gives good quality conscientious care where so few have ever received this. They gave me thanks, and I was able to say that God has done this, and it is for His glory!

On November 22, 2009 God allowed us to open the fi rst four rooms with eight hospital beds for the care of the patients. Some of these had already been camping out on our hospital veranda in order to receive the continuity of care for their chronic wounds. In just over two years we see what God has done in this work through His people. Each day many of us pray for the continuation of His work, and that our medical staff, which now numbers twenty-one believers from six different tribal groups within Guinea, would be faithful to glorify Christ in all that they do.

Experiencing God's Grace on Compassion Evangelical Hospital . . .

Daily, the construction staff of 20-25 people have been reading the Old Testament prior to beginning work and two of them have come to the Lord. Praise Him! The twenty one people on the medical staff, all of whom are Christians, begin their daily work with devotions as well. The gospel is preached to the patients who come for care. One person has made a profession of faith but others are attending church without yet making the public profession. As these discipleship and evangelistic aspects of our work develop, pray that it will be sincere and effective.

Eight long term missionaries have committed to come from Cote d'Ivoire through the new mission named MIAPE that we have also participated in forming. The current total cost of these missionaries is about $1800 per month. If some of you want to participate in supporting these missionaries, as Debbie and I are, it would be greatly appreciated. The average annual support of one of these missionaries is only about $3000. Each brings signifi cant gifting and contributions to the total work. Pray for all of this team.

Hope in God's Grace on Compassion Evangelical Hospital . . .

The work of CEH is well started but there is much to continue doing. We pray that we are good stewards of all the finances He entrusts to us. We sincerely hope, and ask that you pray with us that the four projects we have envisioned for the coming year will be accomplished. Those projects are:

  • Improving the electrical system infrastructure ($50,000)
  • A surgical center with two operating rooms and a sterilization area ($150,000)
  • An emergency room and a radiology building ($87,000)
  • Wards C and D to add inpatient care for sixteen more patients ($85,000)

Completion of these projects will bring us to the doorstep of becoming a full service hospital. A number of other smaller projects are envisioned to run parallel to these projects as well. In all our building and planning, we never forget that "Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it." (Psalm 127:1) Therefore we pray and we work.

We are reminded by Jesus to rejoice more that our names are written down in heaven, that we belong to God, than in all the things that He accomplishes through us (Luke 10:20). It is all to His glory!

Praying that this season of remembering Christ's birth and the launch of a New Year is blessed with all that God has for you and your family.


Dwight Slater, MD, Executive Director of CEH

Compassion Evangelical Hospital, P.O. Box 870, Southfield, MI 48037