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MONTHLY UPDATE - September 30, 2009

Dear Friends,

God blessed Compassion Evangelical Hospital in many ways during the month of September, both here in the Administrative Offices in Southfi eld and at the Hospital in Guinea. We thank Him for his continued watch, care and provision.

At the September 19th Board Meeting, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Bob Stanhope from Autumn Ridge Church/Mayo Clinic and Lyle Algate from Highland Park Baptist Church as new Board Members. Lyle Algate will serve the board as treasurer. Pam Webber has joined our Administrative team in the office, replacing Lois Richardson and helping with the promotional materials. We express our appreciation to Lois Richardson for her five years of service as secretary and hub of communication, Jim Brightwell for his five years of service as board member and accountant/treasurer and Krysta Baughman for her service as board member. We thank God for each one and for their skills and expertise given both past and present.

We rejoice in the progress seen this month in building and construction. Specifically, we saw the groundbreaking of the surgical building. Thank you to Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN for funding this part of the project. Donations are welcome from other groups and individuals to complete the surgical building. Pray that the ER/X-ray building construction will begin during October or November. A humanitarian organization interested in the type of work that CEH is doing, has offered to fund this building. We anticipate the arrival of promised mobile hospital units within the next four months. Pray for the arrival of these mobile units and that wisdom will be used in placing these units on the hospital compound.

The CEH staff anticipates increased volume of patients as Ramadan is over. The staff is preparing to consult up to 90 patients a day. Pray for the staff as they work together to see additional patients. Inpatient care will, Lord willing, begin in November.

As we continue to trust God for the financial needs of the hospital we believe He will provide funds to purchase medicines from IDA, the European company CEH uses. The medicine supply is running low at the hospital as the daily patient care is increasing. We are also awaiting funds to ship container #10 with building/electrical supplies and some medical material for the wards. Thanks to the technology team, we are now able to receive online donations through this web site.

Pray for peace in Guinea.

Psalm 127:1 tells us, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain." We ask the Lord to be the builder and to watch over CEH. May we be encouraged today to continue the work He has called us to at Compassion Evangelical Hospital.

Rejoicing in His service,
Your brother in Christ,


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