Community Health Program

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Our Community Health Program is providing:

  • Outreach to villages surrounding CEH to provide primary health care on site
  • Screening, healthcare teaching and disease prevention in villages
  • Referral to those that need secondary and tertiary care to CEH and government hospitals or local clinics appropriately
  • Information on hygiene, potable water and basic prevention techniques to improve quality of life
    community health program
  • Training in the Helping Babies Breathe program to guide village Traditional Birth Attendants in helping babies breathe in the first minute of life
    community health program
  • The Days for Girls program supplying pubertal girls with sustainable, reusable, feminine hygiene products produced locally because there is limited or cost prohibitive access to them and discussing marriage, childrearing, and sexual health issues
    community health program
  • Nutritional screening for infants and young children, feedback to families, and giving locally-produced, enriched infant cereals to the malnourished
    community health programcommunity health programcommunity health program
  • Teaching on burn prevention and treatment
  • School children with an accident prevention and health program
  • Disease screening and prevention topics
  • A Back-to-Health Farmers Exercise program
    community health program
  • Clean water instruction
    community health program
  • The Gospel message presentation
  • Aid to the government health structures in our area to increase their capacity and service
  • A pilot project in one region of Mamou
  • An ongoing door-to-door needs assessment survey
    community health program